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• Cook more outside of peak times
• Increase batch cooking
• Streamline your processes
• Reduce pressure on your team


• Reduce queues on your premises
• Offer high quality grab and go
• Improve customer satisfaction
• Significantly increase food security

High capacity

Flexeserve Hub is designed specifically to hot-hold packaged food products in large batches by maximising the use of its internal area. In addition, large footprint items, such as full-size boxed pizzas, ready-to-go food bags and roast chickens, can be held easily within its spacious interior.

Even with food items being hot-held in bulk, the unique hot air system maintains a consistent temperature throughout the unit – addressing a common issue with many delivery operations where food often arrives cold and compromised.

Flexeserve Hub enables you to hold a wide variety of hot food – mains, side dishes and hot desserts – all with the unrivalled food quality you would expect from Flexeserve products.

Energy efficiency and reduced waste

Flexeserve Hub uses our patented technology to create a consistent air temperature throughout the unit. The unique design of its hot air system means there is no heat dissipation into the surrounding environment, and the unit recycles the same air throughout.

Along with double-glazed doors, LED lighting and the insulative material used in its construction, Flexeserve Hub delivers industry-leading energy efficiency.

Self-closing doors and fast recovery to set temperature ensure that food is maintained at both optimum holding conditions and quality. This increases the window of opportunity for purchase and, therefore, significantly reduces food waste and increases profitability.

Safety and low maintenance

All surfaces are safe-to-touch and can simply be wiped down and cleaned with a food-safe sanitiser. The standard racking and interchangeable accessories can also be easily removed and are dishwasher-safe.

Maintenance of Flexeserve Hub could not be more straightforward. The modular ‘plug-and-play’ design of the technology allows you to quickly and easily replace components with minimal disruption to service.

Together with integrated over-temperature fail-safes, Flexeserve Hub has been independently tested and verified that it meets the most stringent safety requirements.

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